At Fairway Manufacturing Co. Hosting, we ONLY host wholesale or retail souvenir and gift companies who are our clients and need a place to host information about their products and/or services. Please contact us for further information via 800-325-0889 if you are interested in becoming a client and getting your wholesale souvenir company online and selling. We'd love to help you get up and selling on the internet

We have competative prices and services for all of your hosting and web design needs. We ONLY host sites in the United States or United Kingdom at the moment.

So find that perfect domain and get some hosting from us. We've been in the souvenir business for almost 70 years so we know what your customers are looking for. If you just want to list your souvenir and gifts wholesale or retail store so people can find you, go over to our directory website at and list your website for a small monthly fee. Thank you for stopping by and we hope we can help you with your souvenir needs. Our main website is at Fairway Manuacturing Company in St. Louis Missouri USA

NOTE: To people trying to sign up without contacting us, you will have your account deleted immediately. We specialize in souvenir and gift sites in the USA & UK ONLY. You must contact us for permission to register with us.

Thank you.

The Fairway Mfg. I.T. Team